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What is Brainers Educational Counsellor Program ?

Brainers Educational Counsellor Program is all about providing people with the tools and insights into how to create the best career possible with Brainers. This program will help you help others overcome challenges, achieve goals and better their lives. You will learn about self-care, ethical decision making, strengthen relationships, how to approach and resolve real-life situations and other applicable soft skills.

Brainers Educational Counsellor Program is suitable of :

    1.You are looking for new Career
    2.You want to know what type of work you can be passionate about
    3.You want help with career direction
    4.You get stuck up and don't know what to do next
    5.You want guidance to move you in a new direction
    6.You don't want to keep doing the same type of work, even if you are very good at it.
    7.You want help identifying why your career is no longer satisfying
    8.You are burned out and need a change
    9.You have an idea for a career change but you want to talk it over

We developed your ability while working as an educational counselor where, in the process of building teams worked with those people day in and day out. We were always working in tough, competitive business situations, either building businesses from scratch or turning around failing businesses.

How to become Educational Counsellor ?

To begin work as educational counsellor, a candidate has to join training session of 45 Days and after that he will go for 3 month training.During training period a candidate will get incentive of their work & after three month he will be placed in regular pay scale of Education Counsellor.

Topics To Be Cover in Education Counsellor Program

1. Marketing

2. English Speaking

3. Personality Development

4. Financial Management Join Now @ Rs. 5000 only

Batch starting from 1st October. Hurry Limited Seats Left.

Last date of registration 25 September.

Nature of Work of Educational Counsellor

Education Counsellor will counsel students regarding course and program selection, class scheduling, school adjustment, truancy, study habits, and career planning. Education Counsellor will also counsel individuals to help them understand and overcome personal, social, or behavioral problems affecting their educational or vocational situations.

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