What is safe step ?

Most cases of missing children occur when they are travelling to or from school. according to home ministry almost 1 lakh student go missing every year. Guaranteeing the safety of school students not only bring peace of mind to the school management and students parent, it also builds the institution goodwill.

Therefore by seeing need and its importance we created world’s best caring and security software which can be utilised in many ways fro protecting students.

Features of Safe Step:

  Fully computerised devices

  No need of computer

  No need of any wiring

  With battery backup

  No setup need.

Facilities for school/college :

  Smart Wifi Devices (show and go)

  High Availability student and teacher’s data online

  Smart cards for students for attendance

  Student’s attendance notification alert

  Teacher’s/staff attendance system

  Notification alert to all of specific student /teacher

  Integration with existing system

  Website registration and development

  Online software for student fee records management

  Software for exam mark sheet management

  Smart fee & security card for parents

  Login for parents, for student attendance and fee records

  Notification alerts for test/exam

  Separate mobile app for school/college in own brand name


  •Free Webinar/Live classes to all students for Doubt Resolving of Maths, Science & English on brainers app.

  •Enhanced Security System with Live tracking of students with Teacher/staff attendance.

  Safe step can be used with existing system.

  100 % refund policy to School/colleges whose students has scored rank between 1 to 3 in in board exams in district.

  Students Subject wise analysis and improvement strategy by brainers.

  Free Mock Tests, Course Material and many more for preparation of exams.